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jon hawkins | director

Working in and around entertainment from a young age Jon now helps build brands, sports personalities and celebrities online. He achieves this by creating content in their working environment and sharing it online via modern media strategies.

Through his creativity, hard work and eye for detail, Jon has amassed a wealth of experience in the digital services space. He is able to showcase brands through his comprehensive skill set. This includes videography and editing, direction, concept creation, web development as well as brand perception, digital marketing, graphic design and above all social media management.

Having previously performed around the world professionally on stage for over 15 years, he was lucky enough to play leading roles in Mamma Mia, Rocky Horror Show and many more hit musicals. When not on stage he started a digital agency from his dressing room.

He has since worked with a wide variety of projects. From F1 racing drivers and professional boxers to law firms and investment banks.

Proud of his past and always looking to bring that entertainment background into new sectors making brands and personalities engaging and entertaining for their own target audience.

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